Dr. Hajji Hamidu Abdunoor Kalisa (Commonly known as Dr. HAK) is the son of Hajji Abdunoor Kariisa and Hajjat Hasina Kariisa/Hawa Kanyomozi. He was born in Ruhaama western Uganda in Nov 1967. Dr. HAK moved to United Kingdom in 1990 when he was 23years old. He pursued studies after reaching in United Kingdom where he obtained several qualifications like Diploma in Business administration, accounts and industrial from professional college of management. Dr HAK has also achieved several number of UK NHS health training certified certificates and he also holds master’s degree in Safe Administration in Medicines.

Due to the passion and love he has for his ancient place of Ruhaama, Dr. HAK formed in 2012,the Ruhaama Development Initiation (RDI), primarily to

improve livelihood for people of Ruhaama. The RDI has improved education, health, social economic transformation, sports and financially supported the construction of churches, schools, mosques as well as renovated elderly homes in the area.

Whenever he visits Ruhaama, Dr. HAK offers free medical checkups and gives the community free medicines. Dr HAK has previously donated modern hospital equipment and accessories to Ntungamo District UMSC centre three hospital.

Thanks to Dr. HAK’s generosity and efforts, RDI in collaboration with the Kariisa Foundation have teamed up to establish and build the Kariisa Library, which is going to be the largest in western Uganda. Dr. HAK has already identified and shipped more than 1,000 volumes of relevant books that will be part of the Kariisa library that’s near completion as of May, 2021.

With Dr. HAK’s efforts, RDI constructing two blocks of the class rooms at Ruhaama primary school. In 2019, RDI also paid tuition fees  for twenty students of Senior Four candidates and at Nyakahita Muslim primary school RDI covered school fees for all primary seven candidates.

Dr. HAK was instrumental in creating the RDI football competition for all schools in Ntungamo District which takes place every December in Ruhaama for the purpose of bringing together people of Ruhaama.

Among other community initiatives that Dr. HAK launched in 2019 was a state of the art Cinema Hall at Ruhaama Primary school. The Community near the school gathers every weekend to watch important programs from Kariisa Foundation Partners such as NBS and Salam TV or enjoy a live game with cinema quality sound free of charge.