Hajji Abdunoor Kariisa

Hajji Abdunoor Kariisa (1927-1979) was the son of Kangye (late 1800 – mid 1900s) son of Rugambwa (1800s) son of Babaasa (1700s) son of Kakumbara (1600s) son of Ishenkama (1500s) son of Bitara (1500s) son of Murari II (1400s) son of Empror Kahaya (1300s) son of King Murari I (1300s) son of Kamurari (1200s) son of Emperor Kagoro (late 1100s – mod 1200s).

The Kariisa Family (also known as Kaliisa or Kalisa) can be traced back to the beginning of the 12th century.

Hajji Abdunoor Kariisa’s lineage has been traced back to The Emperor Kagoro, the King of the Chwezi Dynasty that covered the areas of present day East and parts of Central Africa. Emperor Kagoro lived in the late 1100s to mid years of 1200.